Open Cables – An Emerging Trend in Subsea Networking

Ritesh Dass

Optical Subsea Product Line Manager, Nokia

Ritesh Dass has joined as an Optical Subsea Product Line Manager at Nokia. Prior to Nokia, Ritesh worked at Vodafone as a Senior Submarine Systems Engineer in the United Kingdom. A few key roles Ritesh has undertaken at Vodafone include being the Technical Chairman for West Africa Cable System (WACS) Upgrade#2, technical member for SAT-3/WASC/SAFE (S3WS) Upgrade#5 Procurement Group and Lead Commissioning Engineer for Tasman Global Access (TGA) cable system. Ritesh is also a PRINCE2 certified project manager who has delivered subsea projects such as Pan-American Upgrade#2 and the ECFS DWDM Upgrade.
Ritesh holds a master’s degree (MEng) in Electronic Engineering from King’s College London and is a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Ritesh has also contributed to the former two SubOptic conferences and written papers for SubOptic2013 and SubOptic2016.

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