5G Landscape and Quantum Security

Mr. JongKwan Park

SVP, Head of Network R&D and 5GX Labs, SK Telecom

As Head of 5GX Labs, Mr. Park is responsible for the research, development and commercialization of 5G network and next generation communications technologies in SK Telecom. He also performs a role as a decision maker with a leading 5G technology management function. In that sense, he is leading the development of 5G end-to-end network infrastructure and devices, mobile edge cloud computing and network virtualization, next generation operations supporting systems. He is also responsible for addressing various functional, architectural, and deployment issues of 5G and next generation network.

He joined SK Telecom in 1997 and has been served as the mobile core network and service specialist for more than 20 years. As leader of Core Network Lab since 2012, he has successfully completed the LTE & LTE-A deployment in South Korea. He also has led the world’s first HD Voice(VoLTE), VoLTE roaming, and NFV commercialization. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering from Yonsei University in South Korea.

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