Join us in our Exhibition to see the latest demonstrations live and close up.

A rich set of original live demonstrations will be prepared by our engineering and product management teams. Attendees will discover state-of-the-art WDM, OTN and packet features, dedicated solutions for enterprises and vertical segments, as well as the latest software enabled capabilities including transport SDN and open applications.

Exhibition Times

Wednesday, May 8
10:30 – 18:00

Thursday, May 9
10:30 – 16:00

5G-ready optical network
5G-ready optical networking – the evolution of fronthaul, edge data center interconnect, and specific eye on the unique latency, timing, and synchronization requirements of these applications.

Enterprise & Data Centre Interconnect solutions
Compact modular transport solutions for data center interconnect, encompassing enterprise, service provider, and webscale applications.

Nokia WaveFabric
Nokia WaveFabric innovations for backbone and metro optical networks, including the Photonic Service Engine 3 with probabilistic constellation shaping, compact ‘metro’ wavelength routing, the complete family of 1830 series packet-OTN switches, and ultra- wideband C&L band transmission.

Legacy Transformation
Let’s have a look at the converged optical metro-regional 1830PSS systems and discuss with the experts how the different requirements posted by the modern mobile/fixed access and business services are matched in a unique optimized solution set. Modernize the PDH/SDH transport onto a converged service-aware WDM/OTN network. Enable over-the-top new FE&GBE clients on the renewed network, at zero additional cost. Fully managing the transformation complexity through Nokia Professional Services.

Network automation and virtualization
Network and business transformation with Nokia’s Network Management and WaveSuite applications for optical network automation, optimization, and monetization. The new world of open optical networking: Netconf/YANG open interfaces and applications based on open interfaces for health & analytics of optical network.

Nokia Bell Labs
A glimpse of the future with Bell Labs
Nokia Bell Labs is the famous Research entity within Nokia Group, which has an unparalleled innovation history (transistor, C language, UNIX operating system, ….). The IP and Optical Network research lab designs the future of optical communications to meet future demands of applications that have not yet been invented. In 2018, Bell Labs announced the Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS) technology which enables optical communications to approach the Shannon Limit. This demonstration aims to automatically detect the fiber type, which is an essential input parameter for network operators, to fully optimize the network design by decreasing OPEX/CAPEX costs or by increasing bit rates. With the use of Software defined controllers and analytics methods, we monitor, collect, centralize and correlate chromatic dispersion values accumulated over each established light path, already measured by coherent receivers to autonomously identify fiber types without traffic interruption. Our method gives also capable of giving the fiber characteristics such as the dispersion and the dispersion slope, allowing to distinguish two fiber types that only differ by their dispersion slope.

Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program
Nokia Learning Services team presents its training and certification program
Prepare for the evolution of Nokia optical technology and leverage your investment with hands-on training and certifications. Stop by and discover the benefits of the Nokia ONC program. The ONC program is designed to provide industry professionals with the right training and skills to design, implement, and manage/maintain optical networks based on the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T). Talk to an expert and get the information you need to develop your skills and demonstrate your capabilities through certification. Get exclusive complimentary access to My Nokia Optical Labs and request a complimentary written exam voucher and courseware samples.

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